If you lived in the Middle Ages and you were a warrior knight, would you have liked to have more women? Do not forget however that was a period when there were Amazons, women’s super sexy and super healthy.

They were real warriors with a sword but knew how to contend with men. But they were renowned for their beauty, but also for the art of making love, being coveted by all men with wet dreams, their legend that came up today.

This is an exclusive escort, indeed a super reincarnation of a past Amazons, strong, sexy and beautiful at the same time. Its forms craving pleasure and muscular thighs seem only right for riding.

Our escort lost sword many centuries ago, so that you, like a real knight, he’ll give your sword. In gratitude, she will polish the sword, which you are so proud and reinforce the steel that your sword is made. Also, she will turn away and will give her shield made from two pieces rounded.

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