A few years ago I was too proud to donate for a woman’s time. I did not know what decision to take. I consider different possibilities; I have checked various options.

Why to donate when I can do it alone?” But in fact, I was not doing anything. In the evening, I watched a television show, and I slept, and so I spent every night: alone.

On a Saturday I thought: “I am 45 years old, how can I find a very young woman to go to a restaurant with me? How can I seduce her? I think I could do that if I had talent and lots of money. Of course, I would consume many nerves and time. But success is not 100% guaranteed. I double-check the phone’s agenda. All the people I know are married. I have two young colleagues at work, but I find it embarrassing to call them, especially because they do not have a mind too open. I think I was not a Casanova. But that’s not the problem. Will I feel guilty if I book escorts? Does that mean I’m a bad person? If that companion has too big expectations from me?

There were stupid questions, but at that time of my life, I did not know that an escort date is the same as donating for any other service but in that case, you donate for that girl’s time. Thousands of other gentlemen in Birmingham are already doing this. And you’re not a bad person if you meet a companion. You’re bad if you do bad things. But if you book an escort, you’re doing something good for you and that lady. She earns money for her time, you both have fun together. And there is no pressure. This woman does not have big expectations from you, just wants you to be friendly and well-mannered. She has no other requirements; you have nothing to prove.

So, give up these uncertainties and enjoy the good things in life, as I started to live my life from that Saturday. It is enough to call a reliable escort agency in Birmingham or the city where you live!

Thanks to Fantasy Agency for publishing my tips.

Sincerely, Scott.