As the name suggests, a luxury escort is an exceptional companion. The Internet is full of profiles of common Birmingham ladies who provide hot services, and many customers are not looking for more. On the other hand, when looking for a perfect evening, we have to put the magnifying glass on the luxury companions. It is the best way to guarantee an ideal evening. Although they seem to offer the same services as familiar companions, the differences are quite visible. Only if you have booked both types of female companions and experienced both kinds of services, you will be able to make correct comparisons regarding the characteristics of the satisfaction.

Customers who do not test both types of services do not know how these services differ from each other. Okay, let’s do a little more research. We talk to Fantasy Escorts Birmingham clients about this and ask them to tell us about their view. The answers and opinions are the ones we value but at the same time a bit surprising. But it is the real opinion of the clients, and we cannot ignore it; otherwise, we could not improve our services nor know the real needs of these loyal customers.

For me and without pretending that I offend anyone, the first, ordinary escorts, are the ones who deal with banal services and do not offer anything sophisticated or high quality. Very often, they offer services quickly and without any romantic connection. You can expect nothing more, no conversation, nothing but primitive services. Luxury female companions are something else entirely: you can enjoy a romantic dinner, an interesting discussion, good manners, the ability to accompany you to a party and to behave properly. You have the guarantee that you enjoy full confidentiality“, explains one of our loyal customers.

We continue to deepen the topic while discussing with other clients: “The agencies very carefully select luxury female companions. When we want to have a good time, when we want to have a good conversation, when we want to open a bottle of champagne or to be well accompanied in Birmingham, we will look for a luxury escort. These ladies will guarantee that your donation, even if it is bigger, will not be a loss and you will not regret anything. They are stunning girls with a beautiful body. When you stay with one of them, you can be sure that you will like it.

We go further and ask the opinion of the most experienced clients, who often book these luxury escorts in Birmingham and other cities. What is the mysterious secret of a top female companion? Beauty, education, good company, enchanting presence: what more could we ask for from her? Well, let’s add some of the most desired features.

One of the features of luxury ladies is their ability to listen. Even better, luxury escorts know when the client is not looking for a conversation, but rather the opposite when the client does not want it. It is a problem of sensitivity and intelligence. It does not bother you with personal or compromising questions. They know how to control their curiosity and turn it into listening ability“, explains one of these clients.

The next experienced client thinks that the discretion is the most important: “One of the characteristics of the luxury Birmingham escorts who give them this title is their discretion. If the girl knows what she can and cannot say, she is a luxury companion. She listened to the client’s personal story but didn’t tell it to anyone. The luxury girl is the one who knows how to keep in secret what she has heard. Often, men like to comment on what happens when they close the doors, but some do not like to tell who they are dating. This discretion is the highlight of luxury escorts. They are perfect companions before and after the date. The reputation is not affected by any comment after the date. Men, more or less famous, seek the services of a luxury lady to live the experience in private. Nobody should know their tastes, and therefore they will reserve only a high-class girl, who knows how to be confidential“.

Another client thinks that one of the characteristics of luxury Birmingham girls is that “everything is effortless with them. When I want to do something new or weird, I like to call a luxury escort because I know, first and foremost, that the secret will be kept. Afterwards, I know she doesn’t limit me, and she takes advantage of my fantasy as much as I do, she even improves it. Dare to realise your fantasy, without the fear of preconceived ideas, without the fear that you will be judged wrong. Ask her if she wants to share it with you because she’ll suggest something to make it better.

These luxury girls spend a lot of time at the gym and taking care of their health. In general, we can speak of perfect measures 90 60 90 for some clients or the most generous curves for others, but still impressive. As a luxury companion, she has considerable expenses, so a large part of your donation is transformed into her image and health. Soft hair, firm skin, well-toned muscles, charming smiles, everything is part of the meeting with the luxury escort“, explains another client.

If what I want is female companionship for an event in Birmingham, I can’t risk it. I have to choose the winning option: this is always a luxury girl. I have often reserved a luxury girl because I know for sure this kind of woman will behave properly. No one will know that I booked an escort, everyone will think that this gorgeous lady is my new girlfriend“, explains another client.

Well, these reviews from Fantasy Birmingham agency clients are clear evidence of the differences between the services of luxury female companions and regular ladies. So if you are a perfectionist who wants discretion and quality time, do not hesitate: what suits your needs are just the luxury escorts.