The profile of an escort is the main way for a client to find out about that lady before making a reservation. Images are probably the most important presentation elements in this profile. These photos must be very good, recommendable to be professional. But it is equally important that the images present the full body of the woman, this being the best choice for a Birmingham companion or for any lady offering escort services in any city in the UK. In the following, we’ll explain in more detail what are the best features for a companion’s photos.

1. Full body images – Images showing only certain portions of the body are not very relevant for the client to see the entire physical appearance of that lady. Of course, it is acceptable to send close-up photos that are relevant to certain parts of the body, but they must represent up to 10% of the total number of images sent. It is also acceptable and obligatory to send one or two images of the escort’s face. But these photos will only be used to confidentially identify and verify the data, but they will not be featured on the website in the profile of the lady offering escort services in Birmingham. Also, if you send a lot of body details but do not send full body photos, customers will think you want to hide certain body parts or just show the beautiful aspects, avoiding showing pictures in your profile with portions less aesthetic of your body.

2. A large number of photos – We have often noticed that many escorts send few photos. It is not an advantage for that companion to show a few photos. A client in Birmingham or another city will not be able to conclude a relevant opinion about that lady if she was only showing 2-4 photos. Thus, the client will cancel the reservation. In addition, the client will think that the escort is an amateur companion, not a high-ranking lady. You would think the same if you see that a woman is not interested in fully and professionally showing her physical appearance. How hard is it to take some pictures? So the convenience of some escorts, which are, without a doubt, lazy women who are too comfortable to take more pictures, is not proof of professionalism for both the agency and the client. Most likely, that lady applied unsuccessfully because it will be rejected by the agency. Fantasy Birmingham company is always asking for more photos. Our company also invites girls to take more pictures at a professional photo shoot. The idea is that a large number of photos offer a greater chance of choosing the best pictures. The profile of an escort should have at least 6 beautiful images taken from different angles and positions.

3. Good quality photos – Unprofessional photos without sufficient light and at low resolutions are totally inappropriate for an escort profile. Even though the agency will try to increase the resolution and add light to those photos, for the companion’s body to be more visible, the image quality will deteriorate a lot, with the noise on the image, which will be very unsightly, especially in the areas where the lady’s skin is visible. Although it is unlikely that a high-class escort does not have a set of photos taken in a professional studio, at least try to take photos with good light and at a resolution of at least 1360 pixels high at 720 pixels wide. Equally important is the background of the picture: unfortunately, we had to reject many companions because all sorts of objects and misery lie on carpets, on the wall, on chairs and elsewhere. Such clutter is not proof that the lady is one of the highest class. Well, if she is not able to be a clean and elegant lady when she takes pictures, what is the level of her elegance when she’s with a client? Also, do not add masks, frames, filters, emoticons or text over images, these photos are totally unprofessional and will be rejected by any Birmingham agency form East or West Midlands.