Today we had an interesting conversation with a beautiful escort from our Birmingham team. She is a very popular companion in this city, and we have tried to find out her secrets because only through excellent communication with our team members, we can improve customer experience. Our conclusion was that there is a close link between emotional intelligence and satisfaction.

In other words, it is not enough to be beautiful to please the customer. An above average passion helps you have more and better fun. An escort who has emotional intelligence, more precisely with the ability to express her feelings and who can read the partner’s wishes, has better success not only in Birmingham but anywhere in the world.

We have noticed that women conscious of their feelings and experiences have a double number of clients. Emotional intelligence is vital not only in intimacy but also at a special event or even at a dinner date. The client does not have to touch an emotional wall but must feel an open and friendly person who can understand his needs.

So an escort that takes into account their desires, being conscious of them, but also of all the client’s wishes, can offer more satisfaction. Also, passion is a real fuel for fantasies, because such a woman can communicate her expectations and understand the partner’s wishes. In this way, the experiences are more intense.

It is important that such an attitude be maintained throughout the meeting, not just in the first few moments. Otherwise, the nature of passion is contradictory and may be considered by the customer as false, as a poor acting representation. So, everything has to flow fluently and steady, without haste. More attention must be paid to the client, but also to the quality of services and emotional sincerity.

Of course, such companions are rare in Birmingham and even in the UK, but we are glad to have one of them as a colleague. We will secretly keep the name of this truly elite lady because we do not want to disadvantage other escorts in this city. But such a mentality must be present to any woman in this industry if she wants to be a successful companion. We hope that following these tips; these ladies will further improve the quality of service (not just the women you can meet through the Fantasy agency, but from any Birmingham company).