A few secrets of seduction, but not all are applicable also for escorts. Researchers who organised a study on sexual attraction have concluded that:
– The most attractive men are considered those hard approachable because the forbidden fruit it’s very tempting and it’s in our nature to want what we could not have. So perhaps an escort who can be seen only by booking in advance is more attractive.
– Women are more attracted to men with a hard voice, dangerous. This reason is the result of a high level of testosterone. That rule does not apply to our girls because our beautiful ladies love all kinds of men.
– Most men prefer women with voluptuous forms, which they perceive as healthier. Women are seeking men with broad shoulders and muscular.
– Women are more attractive to the opposite sex during the fertile period.
– Body language plays a crucial role in the game of seduction, and those who have done research in the field have identified 35 gestures that encourage a man to act and try to conquer the woman. These include a smile, touching the neck or ears or crossing one leg over the other.
– Shades of red and pink attract like a magnet both sexes. Women wearing one of these colours become more exciting, and men dressed in red are perceived to be self-confident. Our escorts love these colours.
– Heels have a mesmerising effect on men, women who wear them automatically becoming irresistible.
– People with regular physical features are considered more attractive.
– According to studies, women judge men based on the cars they drive. The possessor of a great and powerful car, which is perceived as dominant male, will have more chance of success than a man who has a small car. That is another rule which we disagree because our escorts love people with any car and even those without a car.
– Contrary to general perception, not just men looking for sexual variety, but also women, especially during ovulation. At the time, women are particularly attracted to guys with hard features and well-defined muscles. Conversely, women during menstruation looking for men with finer features.
– Analysing more people, scientists have discovered that sexual attraction activates an area of the brain, and love another area. Therefore it is possible to feel sexual attraction to someone (or even to have a relationship temporarily) without fall in love.

We do not know whether all these findings also apply to escorts (although probably should be tested), but indeed, often use in real life.