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Our city is the second largest in the United Kingdom. The centre attracts many visitors due to its Victorian buildings, including City Hall, City Council, City Museum and Art Gallery with pre-Raphaelite collections. There are also many historical buildings such as the Church of St. Martin, the Cathedral of St. Philip and St. Chad’s Catholic cathedral.

The climate is a temperate maritime type, with cool summer temperatures, like the rest of the island, with an average of 21.5° C, perfect for tourists who do not like high summer temperatures.

In a city that had a population of 1,085,400 inhabitants, according to the latest official census of 2012, any tourist can discover ways of socialising in various locations or events. You van visit point of interest like Museums and galleries, theatres, jazz festivals, concerts by internationally known orchestras (Royal Ballet, Repertory Theatre, Opera Company, Museum & Art Gallery, Museum Trust and more).

Also nightlife, mainly concentrated on Broad Street and into Brindleyplace, including many clubs that are growing the popularity of the city.

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