Today I offer a business idea that I think it would be successful. It is a hotel, but not like any other: is one in which you can meet single people who want to do crazy things. The hotel will be decorated with paintings and sculptures with suggestive themes, lots of red velvet and sexy atmosphere created by special lighting, and in the reception to hear love songs from speakers hidden in walls.

So far nothing special, but now follows the idea: make available hotel rooms to rent for people who want to meet in these places randomly and do what they want.

Of course, some conditions will be fulfilled. For example, rooms for rent to be digitally connected and men who want to meet women (or even other men) to present identity papers at the reception and making a complete photo. The photo will be sent digitally to all rooms that matched the man’s sexual orientation, and women or men who live in those rooms presses a button if they give permission for that man to come in their place.

Then the man will see on a screen at the reception photos of those people who have accepted it and chose between them. The receptionist leads him to that room, assured that will reach a person who likes him and that person is attractive.

As a business model, the hotel owner gets paid by the woman or the man who rented the room initially, or payment from both partners, for renting that place for a day.

What people in the room do is their mature decision, because access to the hotel will be legal and prohibited for individuals with age under 18 years. We are sure that idea would be successful.

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