Some of the gentlemen who book an escort through the Fantasy agency want to enjoy a romantic dinner in one of Birmingham’s restaurants or even in other private places. Some of them have asked us what special tricks they can apply on such occasions.

1. Use your imagination. Surely any advice we give, your imagination may be better. We are sure you often have many interesting ideas about how to arrange a romantic dinner, but you often forget these tricks. That’s why we advise you when you have a new idea, write it down, either in a book or a note application on your iPhone. Highlight the items you like or what you think would make a beautiful companion happy. Your personality must mark a romantic evening, but at the same time, you have to get an atmosphere that can improve the special moments of your meeting. If you know that the companion loves the fine things, you could, for example, look for a bottle of a particular wine, something old and full of flavour. But no matter what your choice, do not forget about her tastes. Of course, that means you’ve already met that escort because it’s not advisable to book a lady for a dinner date if you have not met her before at least once.

2. Choose a right place. You already know what you want to do, but you have to decide where to organise everything. You can honestly say that you are lucky if you have a veranda where you can put a thick blanket on the floor and enjoy a romantic evening in the light of the stars. You can also use a specific theme for your dinner date in Birmingham. Of course, not everyone can enjoy such privileges, so an expensive restaurant is usually the best choice. When choosing this restaurant, it must be a stylish space. It is advisable to make the reservation in advance, especially if the restaurant is trendy.

3. Choose the right food. Food also has a role in the romance of the dinner date. If you like to cook (and many of us like it), then prepare the right food. But if you are not skilled in the kitchen, buy semi-prepared foods that do not require too many operations to be good for eating. If your partner has a favourite type of food, try to prepare or get it. If you like sweets, then try to make a broad range of desserts. The point is to show creativity. You should also keep in mind that the easiest way to get a snack is to call a catering company that offers you all the types of food you want to serve in Birmingham. Of course, if you go to a restaurant, let your escort choose the right food, and at the end pay the bill.

4. Romantic lights. The candles and low lights create a unique effect regardless of the tone of your skin and contribute decisively to creating a romantic atmosphere. Try to gather and use candles of different shapes and sizes. Also, Chinese lanterns are very romantic (not to mention the extraordinary stylistic effect) and suitable for any outdoor space. Avoid using fluorescent bulbs, better use candlelight only.

5. Slow music. Music can have a significant influence on creating the romantic atmosphere, but be careful not to be too loud (otherwise you will not be able to communicate). You can emphasise the romantic effect of music by choosing older songs. And if your meeting does not take place under the magic of stars, then you can also opt for a movie on TV. Pick a classic such as “Casablanca” or “A place in the sun”.

Of course, these are just simple tips. Do not forget that romantic dinner is a time for which you donate, so do not worry if it’s not perfect: now is the time to feel good. Keep the meeting within the limits of conversation, relaxation and good mood, and you will have a romantic and relaxing time together. In the evening you can retire in the privacy of your hotel room or your home to continue the fun with that beautiful lady. In any case, the Fantasy Escorts Agency can help you meet a woman in Birmingham for a romantic dinner; it’s enough to call us.