Many customers may wonder what to do or not to do on a first date with a girl. Because it’s easier to know what not to do, we asked our escorts to give us some answers.

Sophie: “Do not talk about your ex-girlfriend. Only if you’re asked, it’s acceptable to answer vaguely about your ex-girlfriend, especially if your relationship has lasted several years. But it is not advisable to mention about the holidays that you have spent together and how lovely it was that woman.”

Natalia: “Avoid lots of questions about the future. It is best to avoid questions like “What are you doing in 10 years?“, “What career plans do you have?“, “Do you want children?” or “When do you think you get married?“. This girl is not present at the interview, do not confuse this girl on the first date with plans.”

Ingrid: “You must not be a capricious client. You’ll go to a restaurant with that girl, so if you’re the type of whimsical client, this time trying to abstain from malicious replicas addressed to waiters. I can understand that you want the services to be of high quality because you pay to be treated properly, but you should not do this on the first date. Maybe she will think you are a wicked person. Or maybe she does not think like you and feels embarrassed.”

Kim: “Do not tell too many compliments. It is ok to tell her you like her haircut or shoes. But if you say many compliments throughout the date, can be frightening. Think about how you would feel if in every sentence she would say a compliment. Perhaps after the first three compliments, you feel good, but after another ten compliments, the conversation would be weird.”

Maya: “It is not good to talk about you all the time. It is natural that each of you to talk about himself. Of course, you can exaggerate a bit (this is meant to trust yourself, something sexy, by the way), but be careful. You can easily fall into the trap of pride, and she thinks you’re a cocky man with whom she can not have a normal conversation. So without monologues about you…”