Ten differences between men and women. Males and females are different. But we know that what is opposed attract each other, and if we look at the relationships around us, we tend to accept these words of the people. Perhaps the situation is a little different for escorts, which have an open mind and take relationships with people of the same sex.

1. Men suffer more than women after romantic breakups, although not admit it. According to several studies conducted by researchers, young males are the mark of a breakup, and that’s because their partner is the primary source of physical and emotional intimacy, as opposed to women who have already experienced more emotional interrelation with family or close friends. In this situation, many men seek the services of escorts, to overcome the critical moments.

2. Men do not cry in public, women anywhere. Psychologists say that people considered crying an act of vulnerability, therefore refrain from making it public. Numerous scientific researchers have concluded that women cry more often and more intensely than men, and one of such explanations is that a woman’s tear glands are smaller than those of a man and because of this tears come faster.

3. Women speak more than men. In a typical day, women can tell from 8,000 to 42,000 words and the man from 7,000 to 10,000. Women use language to approach someone or to reward a person; people use language to communicate facts and information. However, if you book one of our escorts, we assure you that these girls will keep exactly the balance you need for an enjoyable and exciting discussion.

4. After sex women prefer to discuss with her partner, prefer hugs, man prefers to sleep. If we are tempted to consider it as an act of rudeness or lack of interest, well, experts say otherwise. Studies have shown that sleepiness is caused by fatigue, easing the brain, in particular by the elimination of a substance called prolactin (during intercourse but also during sleep). Also, women may feel these effects: while breastfeeding, this hormone is widespread in the body and gives the mother relax and even sleep desire.

5. Women can have consecutive multiple orgasms; men do not. Unlike people ( after orgasm, the erection goes away quickly ), women can orgasm after orgasm. After their first orgasm, pleasure and excitement remain, but people need some time to rest.

6. Men are selective in sharing emotions and inner feelings, unlike women who live every moment intensely. Women are more emotional and not shy to share that passion with others. Women need affection and safety, but men need appreciation and acceptance.

7. When men see a woman, he thinks about how she looks naked. When a woman sees a man, she thinks about what kind of person he is. Men thought about sex 13 times/day, while women only five times/day.

8. People are not paying attention to their diet, eat at any time of day or night and not take account of fats and sugars from food. Women calculate the calories from each food and read the labels.

9. The differences between men and females are observed when preparing for a trip. Luggage of a woman is markedly greater than that of a man. However, if you book one of our escorts for travel, definitely her luggage will be much smaller.

10. Women retain people’s faces better than men and tend to focus more on physical traits. Many women are attracted to men who smile. So smile, you will make a good impression on any woman and especially for our escorts!