Probably most of you have noticed that Birmingham escort agencies offer services only during the night or evening. The explanation is simple and is based on reasons of economic efficiency: most clients have free time in the evening and night. Also, most escorts are available for reservations after 6 pm. However, some customers need a companion during the day, and they deserve to relax with a beautiful girl. We can not ignore these gentlemen.

Therefore, our agency mentions again that we are open 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Simply call our friendly receptionist at least one day before and ask for the list of escorts available for booking between the hours of 8 am – 6 pm. If a girl works during these hours, she will no longer be able to work at night, so probably that most of these women accept such a date in Birmingham or other cities if this booking is lasting at least several hours. It is possible that some ladies to agree on a reservation for only an hour, but such cases are rare between 8 am and 6 pm.

Of course, every evening and night are available a variety of beautiful girls of different ages, nationalities, races and different skin tones. The customer can get quality time with a companion to his taste, calling for a reservation through an agency. It is a different situation in other time slots, because the number of escorts available is small and, why not admit it, it is possible that the customer will not find something to his liking and will reserve a girl from a lower database.

However, some clients need a woman at a particular time, which may not be the same with the usual opening hours of escort agencies. We all have fantasies, and we must fulfil our desires. This reason is why our company is committed to providing the best high-class escorts for this category of customers. By rotation, some Fantasy escorts provide services outside regular working hours in Birmingham or another area of The Midlands.

You can send us your message via the contact form or chat and ask for a list of possible escorts available outside working hours of the day. Our receptionist will answer, and you will have to choose one or more of these girls and to specify the hours that you can meet them. Then the next day (with rare exceptions even in the same day), you’ll be able to meet for at least a few hours a girl between the hours of 8 am – 6 pm.

Even if we are a 24/7 agency by offering these particular services, we recommend either try book girls evening or at night, if your free time allows it. The reason is simple: you will not be limited to only choose between a few girls, but you will be able to enjoy a selection of dozens of ladies ready to meet you for some quality time and fantasies fulfilled. If you’re the kind of customer with unique desires and wishing to meet just some girl, then this recommendation becomes even more necessary.