You’ve probably seen various escort ads directories that display this option. Some websites even have a page dedicated to this feature. But this is in real time? There may be two situations.

1. Indeed, the page shows the escorts available now. This possibility requires an operator to modify the list every time a girl is no longer available temporarily (was reserved for a client) during working hours. Then, when the escort is again available, it must be modified again. An agency may employ a person for this position (or receptionist can make such changes).

2. The page does not show escorts available now, is just a marketing strategy. Regarding ads directories, it is almost impossible and expensive for a person or more operators to make thousands of changes and communicate with all companions simultaneously. In the latter case, one possibility would be that each escort to modify the “Available / Unavailable” option to each ad, whenever she has a date. It is unlikely that all the companions make those changes to all ads on various websites. Our opinion is that the “Available now” can not be 100% real for ad sites.

Also, in the case of an agency, the “Available now” feature may not be in real time. It is possible that the receptionist forgot to tick correctly or not anyone check the availability in real time, so it’s just a false choice, to fool customers ( but updated daily or every few days ).

To check if a website truly provides this function is very simple. When you have booked an escort through that site, and the companion is already with you, check if the website no longer displays the girl as “Available now”. Also, if you request a date with one of the girls from the “Available now” category and the receptionist tells you that she is not available, this is another proof that the offer was not real. Or you can simply ask the receptions to tell you all the girls displayed in the gallery “Available now”, from which you can choose one. Many new receptionists will list just some of these girls, so another proof that the “Available now” feature is not real.

So, this feature may be true, but in most cases, it is just a marketing method to trick customers. Our agency has no such function on the website because we do not want to make mistakes or to present false information. We chose an option 100% real because we want to have an honest relationship with our customers: it is enough to ask on the phone to find out all the escorts available now through Fantasy Birmingham agency. Our receptionist, who exactly knows all the girls available at a time, will present a 100% accurate “Available now” list.